Lello Petrarca Trio – Rigo Piano – dell’album Reflections (Dodicilune records 2018)

Lello Petrarca Trio – Rigo Piano – dell’album Reflections (Dodicilune Records 2018)

Lello Petrarca Trio
Lello Petrarca: piano
Vincenzo Faraldo: double bass
Aldo Fucile: drums

Distribuito da Ird e nei migliori store digitali “Reflections”, il nuovo album del pianista e compositore campano Lello Petrarca.
Il progetto, vera e propria continuazione del primo fortunato disco “Musical Stories” uscito nel 2016, contiene rivisitazioni di temi della musica classica (Bach, Debussy, Beethoven, Mozart) e brani originali con la stessa formazione dell’album precedente, il classico “piano trio” con Vincenzo Faraldo al contrabbasso e Aldo Fucile alla batteria.


“Lello Petrarca is simply everything that an Italian musician of 2000s should be.
A true pianist, he perfectly knows the history of instrument (probably the most “cumbersome, in every sense, of Western musical culture”) and this allows him to pass with the slight ease, that only an intimate and deep knowledge permits for territories only seemingly far from each other.
The classic romantic pianism and love for the great pianists of the jazz history are undoubtedly the lights that safely guide his wanderings between styles and languages.
“The investment” in composition and the consequent interpretative rigor required to the trio, the control of the formal balance between writing and improvisation, the quality of the interaction among the musicians are the values that we can see very well.
The rest lies in his long experience and coexistence with and in music: the Neapolitan soul with its proverbial attitude to expressiveness “cantata”, the frequent attendance of the arrangement practice and the raids in the pop area are further elements that blend admirably in a figure of omnivorous and passionate musician, able to bring together his enormous musical experience in fascinating and personal language in a natural way.
All this things are evident in this beautiful recording work, which exudes musicality and culture, fun and intensity, depth and lightness.
It was a nice journey to listen to him from beginning to end, to follow the unpredictable stylistic changes, the innumerable cultured and popular quotations, the frank and relaxed communication, the swing, the attention to the executive detail, the arrangement surprises.
All conducted with great personality and security, without ever being alienating or causing disorientation, but rather, managing to maintain a remarkable cohesion and unity, a peculiar sound, a strong personality.
Maybe the records always succeeded like that!”

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